PhD Daniela Popescu 
First Secretary General of EFUCA

Member of WFUCA for Europe and North America
Vice-president of the Romanian Federation of UNESCO Associations, Centers, and Clubs



Délégation Permanente de la Roumanie auprès de l’UNESCO

1, rue Miollis – 75732 Paris Cedex 15

Tel. : (33 1) 45 68 25 24 ; 45 68 26 45 ; 45 68 26 71/72

Fax : (33 1) 47 34 91 38





I knew Mrs. POPESCU in her capacities of UNESCO expert and one the most active members of our National Commission during the last decade of XXth century. She continued her studies and obtained a PhD in 2003 in international relations focusing on the feminist movement in Romania.

From her youth Mrs. POPESCU was an enthusiastic leader being involved in voluntary work, initially in organizing events for students as workshops on educational issues.

She discovered the UNESCO clubs movement in 1992 and since then she has been deeply concerned with, initiating and organizing UNESCO Clubs in Romania from its outset, with an active participation at both national and international level.

As expert in the Board of the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, Mrs. POPESCU had the opportunity to promote the development the UNESCO Clubs’ movement and activities. In 1994 she initiated the Romania UNESCO Club, being its first Secretary General. From its very beginning, this NGO worked with other European structures: for example in October 1994 it was organized a Feminist European workshop in cooperation with the UNESCO Centre from Thessalonica.

In 1999, Mrs. POPESCU played a decisive role in creating the Romanian Federation of UNESCO Centers, Clubs and Associations and, as recognition of her professional capacities and her open character to practical dialogue, she was elected its first Secretary General; during the next period Mrs. POPESCU has contributed to the development of the UNESCO Clubs movement in Romania.

She offered also a prompt assistance to colleagues from other countries and helped them to build UNESCO structures; we appreciate especially her devoted efforts to build an UNESCO Clubs Federation in Republic of Moldova.

During the 1998 fall, Mrs. POPESCU has initiated and presented at the UNESCO clubs meeting in Florence an appeal to create a federation at European level, expressing the Romanian Federation’ will and interested to join its efforts to other colleagues as a major contribution to the general European process of integration, and particularly of our country.

Form 2002, as Deputy Permanent Delegate of Romania to UNESCO, I have had the opportunity to know several opinions telling me about the demarches and results of various activities and meetings organized in order to set up this European Federation. Mrs. Daniela POPESCU remained in all these years very much attached to this design and she developed friendly relations with many colleagues from other European countries, obtaining a logistical and financial support of the UNESCO department for NGOs.

Due to these encouragements and strong support from UNESCO, as well as from the Romanian Federation and the National Commission, Mrs. POPESCU succeeded to organize still in 2001 a constitutive Congress of the European Federation in Busteni town, Romania. And again, in recognition of her organizational skill and professional capacities, she was elected as Secretary General, keeping the same open dialogue and enthusiastic working manner.

Since her election Mrs. Daniela POPESCU has demonstrated her intelligence to follow an ascendant course of this institution; despite these not easy times for the UNESCO clubs movement, she tried to consolidate and to develop its relations at European level.

Her authority and strong commitment in service of the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs’ ideal recommend warmly Mrs. POPESCU for the Executive Board of the World UNESCO Clubs Federation.


Prof. Dr Dumitru PREDA

Deputy Permanent Delegate of Romania to UNESCO


Daniela Popescu